A Highlight of Developments in Computers within the last Ten Years

A Highlight of Developments in Computers within the last Ten Years

Advancements In Computers WITHIN THE LAST Ten Years

Advancements in Computers within the last Ten Years

English 11 Hour 6


March 21, 2001

Lipske 2

Computers date back completely to 300B.C. with the invention of the abacus. This is a calculating devise to accomplish math and it produced the persons of that time lives easier. That's what the personal computers of today do but so much more. I'll start at the fundamentals of computer systems while trying not to boar you. The first proper computer that truly made calculations was the ENIAC that was created by the federal government in 1943. It costed $500,000, weighed over 30 tons, experienced 19,000 vacuum tubes, and consumed practically 200 kilowatts of power (computer chronicles 8). Right now we have advanced to laptop computers that are one inches thick and 15 inches wide and can do far more compared to the ENIAC could. There were thousands of advancements and different technology in computers within the last ten years but I am only likely to skim the end of the iceberg.

In 1990, there have been a great deal of new computers and brand-new software however the big issues were the new processors which were super fast for his or her period. They could go at boosts to 33mhz, which is how fast your personal computer brings things up on the screen.


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