Abortion: The Womans To Choose

Abortion: The Woman's To Choose

Many persons believe abortion is certainly a moral issue, nonetheless it is also

a constitutional issue. This is a woman's to choose what she will

with her body, and it will not be modified or influenced by anyone

else. This right is assured by the ninth amendment, which contains

the right to privacy. The ninth amendment says: "The enumeration in

the Constitution, of certain privileges, shall not come to be construed to deny or

disparage others retained by the persons." This correct guarantees the

right to women, if indeed they so choose, with an abortion, up to the finish

of the first trimester. Whatever the fact of morals, a female has

the right to privacy and decision to abort her fetus. The persons that

hold a "pro-life" view argue a woman who comes with an abortion is

killing a child. The "pro-choice" point of view holds this is simply not the

case. A fetus isn't yet a baby. It generally does not posess the requirements


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