An Analysis of Great and Evil in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

An Analysis of Great and Evil in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

In this essay I will be searching at Macbeth, a play compiled by William Shakespeare, also to what extent it handles great and evil. The take up tells the story of what sort of noble warrior, Macbeth, descends into evil after ending up in three witches – supernatural beings who prophesy Macbeth’s destiny. He's told he will turn into King of Scotland, and this notion of gaining power prospects him to murder the king, take his throne and continue his ‘murder spree’ on seemingly whoever he feels like. Ultimately Macbeth is certainly slain and buy is restored in Scotland.

Personally I think that Macbeth is definitely a play worried wholly with the struggle between good and evil – through the entire play we continuously see signs of a supernatural struggle between your two, with evil ‘earning’ over very good when Macbeth murders the king, but good finally defeating evil when Macbeth is usually slain. Actually, very the opening picture we see signals of supernatural happenings and evil – the witches:

Fair is foul and foul is fair;

Hover through the fog and filthy air

(Witches, I, 1, 11-12)

Here we check out that, to the witches, what's evil is great (“foul is good”) and what's good they find repulsive (“good is foul”). This appears to be their attitude to life, nonetheless it may be a caution to the audience that things to follow aren't what they could seem.

In the following scene we hear of


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