An Examination of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

An Research of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Young told his father and mother that he wished above all else to visit sea. His father bitterly opposed the theory, and warned his child that "easily did consider this foolish stage, God wouldn't normally bless me - and I'd have leisure hereafter to reflect after having neglected his counsel, when there could possibly be none to assist in my own recovery." These words proved prophetic.

The youthful Crusoe lay out on his first of all voyage, with little understanding of the perils of a sailor's existence. In telling later about the tremendous storm in which his ship was captured, he remarked, "It had been my advantage, in one respect, that I did so not really know what they intended by 'founder,' till I inquired." Thus ill and scared was he in this first harrowing crisis, that he vowed by no means again to leave sound ground if he was blessed enough to flee drowning. But once secure on shore he found his good old longing resurfacing, and Robinson required sail aboard another ship Alas, the ill-fated vessel was captured by Turkish pirates. Crusoe were able to avoid capture and manufactured off in a tiny craft. Together, he and a companion navigated along the coast of Africa, where these were pursued by both crazy beasts and natives. A Portuguese ship finally rescued them plus they sailed for Brazil.

In the brand new land Crusoe established a booming sugar plantation. But once again a feeling of lonely dissatisfaction overcame him: "I lived as being a man cast away after some desolate island, that experienced nobody there but himself."

Then came an offer from some


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