An Research and a Assessment of the American and French Revolution

An Evaluation and a Assessment of the American and French Revolution

During the late 1800's, two wonderful revolutions occurred, the American

Revolution and the French Revolution. Both of these historical events happened

at once, but had a large number variations and incredibly little

similarity. When French Revolution happened, it converted into a very violent

and bloody event, as the American Revolution was nearly nonviolent,

aside from the battle.

In 1774, King Louis XVI determined that could have avoided the

French Revolution by breathing new life in to the French economy: he

appointed Physiocrat Robert Turgot as Controller Standard of Finance. The

Physiocrats were a small band of supporters of the French doctor Francois

Quesnay, whose economic prescriptions included lowered taxes, less

regulation, the elimination of government-granted monopolies and internal

tolls and tariffs, ideas that discovered their rallying cry in the renowned slogan,

"laissez-faire, laissez-passer."

The Physiocrats exerted a profound impact on Adam Smith, who acquired spent

time in France in the 1760s and whose classic The Prosperity of Nations

embodied the Physiocratic assault on mercantilism and


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