Triditional Weight Loss compared to Surgical Weight Loss

 Triditional Weight Loss vs Surgical Weight Loss Composition

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Traditional Weight Loss


Surgical Fat loss

By: Keiondra Markey

College or university of Phoenix az

Com- 155

Aug 4, 2013


I. Launch: Ways that anyone can use for losing weight to deal with obesity

II. Making a choice on how to lose weight is the toughest thing to do

A). Items the body must stay healthy

1). Ingesting the right foods is one way to stay healthy and lose weight

2). Doing exercises daily is another way to stay healthy and balanced and lose fat

B). Traditional fat loss is one of the natural ways to shed pounds

1). There are positive aspects that an individual may deal with

2). There are disadvantages that an individual may encounter

III. Vitamin supplements are essential to keeping while not having to

A). There are several types of vitamins the fact that body requires daily

1). Vitamin C is good for a healthy immunity process

2). Vitamin D is wonderful for healthy pearly whites and our bones

B). Understanding what the body needs will help promote weight loss

1). Drinking plenty of water is essential to marketing weight loss

2). Veggie juice is usually good and helps to promote weight-loss

IV. Surgical weight loss is one method to get excess weight off

A). There are several types of surgical weight loss procedures

1). Gastric bypass is one way of removing gain access to weight

2). This process may cost more than traditional weight loss

B). There are pros and cons with surgical weight loss

1). Getting the excess weight back

2). Within lifestyles

V. Conclusion: Taking care of the body by eating and exercising daily will help encourage weight

damage and a healthy body

Overweight has been increasing rapidly around the world over the last few years. " In the United States, roughly 300, 000 deaths per year are directly linked to obesity, plus more than 80 percent of these deaths are inpatients with a BMI over 35 (Balentine, L. 2013). ” [A citation goes outside the cited information but inside the sentence--the period will go after the citation, the quotation mark prior to citation] Obesity can easily trigger onsets of many distinct chronic...

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